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UX/UI Design

Automat.li is an app for invoice approval and accounting

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Automat.li Albert Mas project

Designing complex applications is exciting. It entails creating new things that have never been done before. Understanding users takes some good user research in order to build their mental models and group them into personas.

Complex workflows require creative solutions in order to keep the context visible and cognitive load low.

It is undoubtedly a challenging, but also a gratifying process.

Automat.li is one of these complex applications. I have been responsible not only for the User Experience but also for the UI design and Front-End development.

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UX/UI Design

HeRo is the TMS from Hellmann

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Hellmann Albert Mas Project

HeRo is the Transport Management System at the heart of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the global logistics provider. In my role, responsible for UX and UI, I was tasked with enhancing the user experience for thousands of employees, making it intuitive and effortless.

Some of my key achievements included aligning the product with the user's mental models, increasing flexibility, and improving efficiency in usage.

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UX/UI Design

ABK is the State Academy for Fine Arts in Stuttgart

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Automat.li Albert Mas project

During my time at CDLX, I made the proposal for the ABK website. Making use of generative design, it was a radical approach to usability and an attempt to find and middle point between chaos and harmony.

I wanted to create an ever-evolving interface that would be generated from different variables like, for example, the user's history.

UX terms like “recognition” don't play much of a role. Instead, the composition and hierarchy of the individually generated interface elements will seamlessly guide the user.

To give the UI a structural framework, I designed a grid whose proportions were based on the golden ratio where the visual elements would fit. This harmonized the UI and acted as a counterbalance to the initial chaos.

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Sojournal is an online trends magazine

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Sojournal Albert Mas Project

Sojournal is an interior design magazine curating spaces, designers, and trends that inspire us. Sojournal is a place for the urban, connected culture, looking for inspiration beyond mainstream.

For Sojournal I implemented the Front-End of the magazine and of the online shop.

On the server-side we used a CMS created by Yoocon Studio in Berlin.

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